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Waterland - Portraits in watercolors by Annelies Depoorter

Hello! My name is Annelies.

I paint watercolor portraits. It is my passion and pleasure.
I put a lot of love and attention into every face I paint.
The result is a fresh, pure portrait, full of life.

I usually work from a photograph.
I can take one myself or help you pick one of your favorites.

I like hands, striped sweaters, hats and anything that brings depth to an image.
I can also bring different pictures and fantasy elements together.

I make you a price offer and with 30% advance.
I promise you a portrait of uncanny resemblance but I also need some artistic freedom
in terms of of color or composition. Naturally, I am open to suggestions.

I usually only need a couple of days to finish a single portrait.
If you like the final image, you pay the rest and I wrap and ship your parcel asap.

In 2020 I switched to painting on wooden panels only.

- no warps or bulges
- archival, acid-free
- colors stay fresh (paper will always turn yellow over time, colors tend to fade)
- no need to keep the painting behind glass

Feel free to contact me for more information.

You can also find me on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube.